My first steps in the homemade beer world

It all started in 2014 when I received my very first home brewing kit to make beer. That’s when I discovered the world of beer with its infinite possibilities. I wanted to know more about it, so I read books, tried many recipes until I decided to switch from a pot to a 90L electric homemade BIAB equipment with temperature control. However, the fermentation control was lacking, I wanted to know its status in real time with the density and temperature without having to extract my precious brew.

A new wireless hydrometer was born

While exploring the various solutions on the market, I could not find what I was looking for. I wanted a modern solution with fermentation data accessible anywhere from my phone under € 100. 

This is when the lockdown happened. I decided to challenge myself to make the hydrometer that met all my criteria.

 I had to share it with brewers around the world! That’s how Floaty was born, a DIY solution under 30€!  Thanks to many feedbacks from brewers around the world, I was able to keep improving this hydrometer month after month. In December 2020, the website floatyhydrometer.com was created for those who prefer a ready to use solution, no need to assemble different components. 

Floaty is delivered to your home ready to track your fermentations. 

The new Floaty Hydrometer

In December 2021 after 1 year of development and valuable users’ feedback, the latest version of Floaty appears with a new sensor and a design optimized for its use. Floaty allows you to track your fermentation in real time so you can make your best beer! It allows you to track the density and temperature of your homebrew.

A big thank you to everyone who spends time giving feedback, it helps Floaty to keep getting better and better every day!

Floaty adventure continues…

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