Floaty Hydrometer and Thermometer

Floaty. Track All Your Brew !

Manage your fermentation simply as drinking it.



Gravity & temperature

Easy to use

You will see !


Just plug USB cable


With other software

Simple and fast

Track your fermentation with only 3 steps.

Create a fermentation

Drop your Floaty

Floaty will start sending datas through wifi when it’s floating automatically.

Manage your fermentation

Receive fermentation data in real time.

A free app that gives you
an ultimate experience


Valuable data


Saving your fermentation

Store all your old fermentations in one place.


In real time

It’s simple, you just need an internet connection to receive the data in real time! No need to stay next to your fermenter, enjoy the life Floaty works for you!

Download Floaty App

Only on Google Play Store

You have a question ?

Floaty allows you to follow your fermentations in real time in order to know the density and the temperature of your beer without having to take it out of your fermenter.

Floaty starts sending data over Wifi when it floats. When it is horizontal or vertical on the cap it goes into sleep mode. Simple!

You can receive more than 14000 data on a single charge. Depending on your time interval you can last between 2 months to 1 year before you need to recharge your floaty

Charge your Floaty with a micro USB cable (not included) by connecting it to a computer or any other power source.

Of course, if you buy it on this site you will receive your Floaty ready to use. There is also a DIY version, but as the name implies, you have to make it yourself.

You can find the FAQ HERE. If you don’t find an answer please contact me at contact@floatyhydrometer.com

Our Happy Users!

"Great DIY hydrometer for the home brewer, easier to assemble and cheaper than other exisiting ones and with a long battery life."
DIY Homebrewers
"Floaty has enhanced my fermentation experience and is probably the best value in homebrew technology."
Paddy Finnegan
"It's an awesome product! The charts of gravity and temperature are really useful."
John Granger​
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